Rescuing Your Mobile Phone…

How Clumsy Could I be…


Nothing is worse than the heart ache of dropping our phones!  What should you do when you’ve dropped your phone and its seriously damaged?   You are thinking are all those photos and contacts lost?


  • It should go without saying, the insurance your phone carrier offers you is worthwhile to have.  Although the normal wear and tear usually isn’t covered, nor is water damage – cracked screens, broken buttons and the like usually are.  So its worth taking a closer look into the offer the next time you’re upgrading.


  • You don’t have to buy a new phone!  Often taking one to a mobile phone repair shop is far more inexpensive that replacing the phone outright.  Sometimes the fix can be quick like just replacing the screen, and that is far easier than a full handset replacement.


  • If you’ve cracked the screen, clear packing tape is a quick way to hold all of the glass shards together while you get the phone to a repair shop.  Beware of quick do-it-yourself kits or Ebay deals, often they are not actually compatible and a bad repair can do more harm than good.


  • If you have water damaged your phone, turn it off as quickly as possible so it doesn’t short circuit.  If your phone has a removable battery, take it out.  Remove the SIM card and memory card if you have one installed.  Shake all the water out and place in a sealed container of instant rice or silica gel (or even silica cat litter) for 48 hours.  Try turning it back on again to see it works before placing your SIM and memory cards back in.


  • Did the damage cause you to lose your data?  If so, connect it to your computer and laptop and see if you can reset if from one of your backup files.  Never backed it up?  Contact a repair shop and see if they can retrieve it from your device.  Now put it on your calendar to plug in your phone at least once a month to avoid anything that has precious value to you from being lost.


  • Is the damage causing your battery to overheat?  This is serious and should be taken to a repairer as soon as possible.  Damaged batteries can cause fire, explosions and burns, especially if you keep them in your pocket.  You can tell a battery is damaged if it is running abnormally hot, no longer keeping a charge, or has warped or bubbled.


  • Maybe you just want to wait it out until your next phone upgrade from your carrier.  You or one of your friends or family have a spare that you can borrow.  Bummer! Its not unlocked and not on your network so your SIM is useless.  Take your new (borrowed) phone to a repair shop for an inexpensive IMEI unlocking so that it can run on your network.


Almost anything can be fixed, if you take the time to do it.  If you’ve got an attachment to your phone, look into getting is fixed rather than replaced.  Your wallet will thank you!  If you live in Sydney, we can recommend this phone repair company, Fone Fix with shop locations in Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction,. Click here to visit their website.

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