Packing Tips For Moving House

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to move house. The more organized you are the better off your move will be and the easier it will be for you and the family. Although we know all of the basic packing tips, it’s great to have some new ones to help us through the most difficult day. If you can’t afford a removalist to come in and pack for you, then it’s great to have removalists tips to help you do it the correct way.

1: Keep the bathroom scale handy so you can weigh each box as you pack to make sure that it is not too heavy to lift.

2: Always tape small items and screws to the underneath of tables and chairs when you have to take them apart to pack them.

3: Make sure you take close-up photographs of your electronics while they are still plugged in, so you can see with all the wires go. This is one of the best tips for electronic that I use every time.

4: When you take the cords out of your TVs, DVDs etc make sure you mark them with tape and what the court is for. For instance your TV cords need to be marked with where they go and a factor for the TV.

5: Use the largest black felt pen you can find to mark the tops off the boxes. You need to be able to read what’s on them instantly, and so does everyone else who will be handling the boxes.

6: As well as making the room the contents of the boxes are for, you need to also identify exactly where they should be unpacked for example bathroom cabinet, or if not practical, then you should identify what is in the box.

7: You need to know exactly how many boxes you have, so that each one gets unloaded at your new property.

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