Air Conditioner and Heater Maintenance Tips

It would be great if we could just turn on our heating and air conditioning systems whenever the weather calls for it and let it deliver the exact temperature we want to keep our homes comfortable. Usually, this is the case but we rely too much on our heaters or air conditioners to do their jobs of providing us with a cozy atmosphere that we often forget that they don’t operate or sustain themselves. Regular inspection and maintenance is needed to keep them at tip-top shape.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

The initial thing to do is to check if your AC is draining properly and that it isn’t leaking. Inspect the hose for any leaks or cracks that may allow too much water to escape and the tubes for any blockages that may impede it from draining properly. Both cases indicate that your air conditioner isn’t running as it should.

Make sure the compressor is free from debris and dust so air can flow freely. The filters also have to be regularly cleaned every 4-5 weeks, especially if anyone in the house has allergies. Your ductwork on the other hand should be cleaned every 3-4 years, making the air in your home clearer and dust free.

Heater Maintenance

Before the colder months arrive, give your heater a dry run by testing if it delivers a good level of warmth. If you have a natural gas system, check the color of the flame, it should be clear blue. A yellow or orange flame indicates a sign of a problem. If you experience any problems on either situation, it’s time to contact a repairman to do some work before you find yourself freezing come winter time.

Regularly inspect your furnace and change the filters every year. Filters that are dirty or have an accumulation of dust cause the unit to exert extra effort in order for it to deliver heat. In the long run this may cause damage to your unit and even a spike in your energy consumption

Just like air conditioning units, allow proper flow of air from the vents in order for it circulate the right amount of temperature throughout the room. Keep curtains, furniture or plants from blocking the vents.

With proper maintenance, a unit can last you a good 12 – 15 years or even more. If you have doubts about its efficiency or effectiveness, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. Regular check-ups are also necessary even if you do not detect any problems. This ensures that your home will stay comfortably warm or cool throughout the year.

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